Glendale eras

The Glendalera Cup is for the best average scoring era. Glendale would be both an individual and team event.

John has amazing friends from four significant eras in his life ...

Capel St Mary

Firstly from where he grew up in the 70s (and to where he has now returned) in the village of Capel in Suffolk.

Ipswich School

Secondly from his era at Ipswich School in the early 80s.

Trent Polytechnic 

Thirdly from his student era at Trent in Nottingham in the late 80s.


And finally the era when he worked for P&O and lived in Wimbledon London in the 90s.

Return to Suffolk

It was towards the end of the P&O/Wimbledon era that John was diagnosed with life-changing illness which was to regrettably be the reason for him leaving his career and later Wimbledon London. He became wheelchair bound, and returned back to the village, and the era of Capel, where he now happily lives closer to family.

Days of our lives

(John with brother Pete and sister Mandi)

(John with brother Pete and sister Mandi)

The annual Glendale golf event was born partly in order for John's amazing friends to all meet each other which they would otherwise never do. It also ensures John gets to see them all together for the one glorious day of the year he spends out of his electric wheelchair and in a golf buggy. Friends from four different eras have now created a new one they all share together - Glendalera.